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Technology Offered

Eye Disease and Pediatric Testing At Oasis Eyecare

Eidon Retinal Camera

Eye exam Smyrna TN


  • True color, Red Free and infrared confocal images

  • Super-high resolution and contrast

  • Capability to image through cataract and media opacities

  • Dilation-free operation (capable)

  • Wide Field imaging 

  • Optimal view of the optic disc

  • Exam time less than 1’ per eye (single field)

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Eidon camera     vs  Regular camera

iVue OCT 

Eye care  37167


•  This quick and easy scan gives an in-depth look at            the health of retina (similar to MRI/CT scan)
•  Helps to identify signs of disease before they may            be noticeable on clinical exam.
•  Used to test for glaucoma, diabetes, macular                   degeneration, medication toxicities, and other                 various diseases.


Visual Field Analyzer

Vision testing Oasis Eyecare TN

•  Used to test for glaucoma, medication toxicities,                  neurological disorders, and various other diseases.
•  Intended to identify visual field defects for the                   purposes of screening, monitoring and assisting in the     diagnosis and management of ocular diseases.
•  Used to test eligibility for droopy, sagging eyelids                surgery.

Low Light Level Therapy (LLLT)

Coming July 2024


• Used to treat dry eyes, blepharitis (lid crusting), Meibomian gland dysfunction (clogged oil glands), and styes.
• Non-invasive treatment (No Down Time!)
• No pain
•  Can be performed on all skin types


Spot™ Vision Screener

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Pediatric eye exam Oasis Eyecare Smyrna TN

•  Used to detect early risk factors of amblyopia.
•  Captures refractive error of challenging patients.
•  Uses lights and sounds to help engage children.


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