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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Services At Oasis Eyecare


Oasis Eyecare offers a vast array of contact lens options. We will assess your needs based on your lifestyle, eye health, vision quality, and comfort. We offer soft contacts for daily, weekly, and monthly wear, which are available in toric, colors, and multi-focals. We also fit gas-permeable(GP) lenses as well.  


What to expect:

For new wearers, please allocated at least 30 minutes or more for training. Trial lenses with corrective strength will be dispensed for insertion and removal. We will evaluate the fitting and vision through the lenses.  The lenses will be worn according to a schedule, and we will follow-up in a week to check the eye health and the integrity of the contact lenses. It usually takes 1-2 follow-up visits depending on the complexity of the fit.

For seasoned wearers, trials are dispensed and evaluated. Follow-up visits, might be necessary with changes in the prescription, materials, or with new multi-focal fits.

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