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  Appointments  & Insurance

New Patient Paperwork

Save time by submitting your registration and history information through our secure online form. Your information will not be stored on this website. Click the new patient button.


Print the paperwork and bring it to your appointment.

Learn about retinal imaging and dilation options.

Things To Remember:

  • Arrive to your exam a few minutes early to complete paperwork, or download and fill out the forms before you come.

  • Eye drops will be used to dilate your pupils for a thorough exam; therefore, your eyes will be light sensitive at the end of the appointment.  It might be advisable to have a friend or family member drive you home. For some patients, reading and/or distance vision will be blurred for a few hours. We will provide disposable sunglasses at the end of your visit. If you desire to select a frame during your appointment, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to  comfortably choose a pair of eyeglasses.

  • Our doctor will provide a very comprehensive examination so please allow for a least 1 hour for your eye exam.

Please arrive to your appointment with:

  • Your current eyeglasses or last written prescription

  • Your medical and vision insurance cards and a photo ID

  • A list of current medications, including vitamins and over-the-counter medications

Contact lens wearers: 

Current patients, please inform us of any significant discomfort, redness, discharge, blurred vision, or eye pain. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bring the lenses in and do not wear them. We encourage new patients to bring in a copy of your current contact lens prescription or boxes for the brand name and base curvature of the lenses.

Medical records:

If you have received previous eye surgeries/treatments or currently obtaining surgeries/ treatments for any ocular condition, please bring in your information or contact information of your previous/current provider.


Insurance and Payment:

Insurance can be overwhelming, it is important for us to guide you through the process to receive the best benefit from your coverage. If you have one of the listed insurance plans, we will bill for it.  At the time of your visit, co-payments, coinsurance or deductible amounts must be paid in full. If your insurance denies your claim, we ask you to call them directly to determine why your claim was denied and if the denial is accurate. If you overpay your co-payment or deductible, we will refund your over-payment as soon as possible.


If your vision discount plan is not listed, and your carrier participates in out-of-network claims, we will provide an itemized form for you to submit to them. It is important that you verify with your insurance company first that out-of-network claims are acceptable.

Accepted Vision Discount Plans:​

These plans only cover routine exams for either eyeglasses or contact lenses. They do not cover medical exams (such as diabetic eye exams, infections, injuries, cataract evaluation, eye pain, eye redness, itchiness, discharge, bleeding, sudden vision loss, double vision, recent flashes/floaters, and glaucoma evaluation/treatment)

  • AlwaysCare

  • Amerigroup

  • Americhoice

  • Avesis

  • Coast to Coast Vision (CTC)

  • Community Eye Care (CEC)

  • Davis Vision

  • Envolve Vision

  • EyeBenefits 

  • EyeMed 

  • Eyequest

  • Heritage Vision Plan

  • March Vision

  • MESVision

  • Mid-South Carpenters

  • National Vision Administration (NVA)

  • OptiCare

  • Physicians Mutual

  • Principal Financial

  • Spectera

  • Superior Vision

  • UMR

  • VA Community Care Network 

  • Vision Benefits of America (VBA)

  • Vision Care Direct (VCD)

  • Vision Service Plan (VSP)

  • Wellcare of Tennessee

Accepted Medical Insurance Plans:

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN

  • Bright Health

  • Cigna

  • Medicare

  • United Healthcare (UHC)

Accepted payments:

  • CareCredit

  • Cash

  • Credit Cards

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Health Savings Accounts

Established Patients:

Your eyeglasses or contact lenses prescription(s) can be granted through our medical record portal system. To obtain access, please call or send an email request from the Contact Us Tab.


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