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Comprehensive  Eyecare

Comprehensive   Medical  Eye   Exams

Medical  Toxicity    Eye   Exams

Dry  Eye Syndrome

Ocular Nutrition

Eye  Emergencies

Eye   Diseases

Eye exams consist of more than just evaluating for eyeglasses. We check the health of the eyes with emphasis on preventative care. This usually consist of dilating the eyes to view the retina for damages. 

Certain medications (e.g. plaquenil, amiodarone, and erectile dysfunction medication) can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. It is important to have yearly examinations with advanced scanning imaging to check for toxicities.

Dry eye syndrome can cause a myriad of complications to the ocular surfaces of the eyes. Symptoms can include: burning, dryness, watering, or a foreign body sensation. We offer varies levels of treatment for dryness, which can go beyond the standard eye drop therapy.

Certain Eye disease can alter the health of the eyes. Proper nutrition can help improve or stabilize some conditions. We can provide suggestions for various treatments. 

We evaluate red eyes, acute vision loss, and can remove surface level foreign body material. 

We evaluate for diabetic retinopathy, Hypertension retinopathy, stroke-related eye conditions, macular degeneration, and various others diseases.

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